Guiding Your
Natural Health Journey

A qualified Holistic Nutritional Consultant is trained to assess and identify any current nutritional imbalances, and to develop unique nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocols that can help bring your body back into proper balance, thereby resulting in optimal health.

Holistic Approach
to Modern Life

Working closely with each client, Valeska dives deep into underlying and often-overlooked aspects of our lives and bodies to uncover the root causes of health and wellness issues. From there, unique health plans are created that help you become your healthiest and happiest self. Whether you have a minor health issue that needs addressing, or you have been struggling for years with an illness, Valeska’s main focus is to provide you with the knowledge and transformative health practices for improved health and better quality of life. Browse some of the many health conditions she can help address through holistic and alternative methods or schedule a free discovery call to learn more.

Holistic Therapies

Uncover The Root Cause of Your Present Illness, Disease and Health Imbalance and Restore Balance through Nutrition, Fitness & Alternative Therapies.

Why a Holistic Nutritionist

As a trained Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, my focus is on providing a comprehensive approach to nutrition by working with clients to develop strategies to live a health filled life. This can be achieved through empowering and educating clients on the benefits of nutritious foods along with important herbs and supplements. Lifestyle, as well as mental and emotional health are also addresses as these areas are deeply interconnected to one’s overall health. In our sessions I will provide you with a program that addresses your specific health concerns while offering support and encouragement for you to reach your optimal state of health. Below is a list of some of the many conditions I focus on.

What My Clients Have to Say

Went to a few practitioners and wasn’t getting any answers to my health problems. I found Valeska to be a wealth of health knowledge and have noticed significant positive changes to my overall health.


Valeska took the time to listen to all my health concerns and her program was easy to follow. I recommend her to family and friend with any health issues they are facing.

Helen R.

Can’t thank Valeska enough. She got to the root cause of my health concerns and resolved them naturally while providing positive changes that I have permanently incorporated for myself and my family as well.

Andrea S.